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Coconut is the prime agricultural produce in Andaman & Nicobar Islands with over 21,000 hectares of land under the cultivation of this versatile palm. The Andaman coconut is usually bigger in size with thicker kernel and thicker husk. On our plantations we mostly collect coconuts once it is fully mature and it falls , giving us the best raw material with the highest nutrients for the making the best quality of copra , oil and other coconut kernel products.

Coconut Products

Fresh Coconut

Fresh dehusked mature coconuts are used for culinary purposes in households, in food and FMCG industries. These fresh coconuts are filled with the goodness of coconut water and are high in proteins and energy. Our coconuts are of Grade 'A' quality with a nut weight of 500-700 grams and with thick kernel.

fresh coconut


We make copra from our farm fresh mature nuts using heat induction method with controlled temperature that ensures standardized quality and retention of maximum nutrient values. We can supply quality Milling Copra and Edible Copra with moisture content of 6-8% and that is white in colour. Milling copra is used to extract oil where as Edible Copra as the name suggests is for consumption purpose. The size and colour of our copra is of the premium quality.


coconut husk
Coconut husk is used for extracting fibre, making of coir, pith and chips. Whilst coir is primarily in demand for producing mats and pith and chips for its hydro superior absorbent capacity making coconut husks an excellent medium for growth of plants. Fibre of premium category of 13 inches and above in length can be obtained from our coconut husks.

All our coconut products can be availed in both small and bulk quantities for your enquiries please email us.