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During 1919, three German brothers were brought as war prisoners to Port Blair by the Britishers and since they were educated they were given the job of supervising some of the plantations on Minnebay, Mithkhari, North Bay .  They managed these properties well and were later given these properties.

In 1928, an employee of the then Chief Commissioner then was awarded some land at Bambooflat as a prize for winning a wrestling match, who then sold this land and the acquirer, Mr S. Ali who got the surrounding lands left behind by the Malabar convicts.

Two of the Warring brothers' entrusted the property to their clerk Mr S. Ali just before their death and the third brother left Andamans later after doing the same. In 1945, the clerk entered into a sale deed with their next generation by purchasing for them a tea estate in Ceylon in exchange of their properties in the Andamans.

In 1947, the clerk registered the properties of Warrings brothers in his own name in addition to the property he had in Bambooflat. In 1958, Hajee Subban Ali formed a company called Andaman Plantations and Development Corporation Private Limited (APDC). The Company exchanged hands and in 1968 it was sold to Shaw Wallace and Company Ltd. During the year 1995, the present management, the SMIFS Group, had purchased all the shares of APDC from them.

SMIFS Group has its foray in investment banking , stock broking and financial services and is a recognized name in the financial markets. With its network of offices and franchisees through out India the group has diversified itself into agriculture, herbal pharmaceuticals and real estate.