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Andamans & Nicobar Islands is a Union Territory of India and is located in the Bay of Bengal at a longitude of 92O-94O  East and at latitude of 6O-14O  North.  The climate of the region is typically tropical. The mean minimum temperature at Port Blair is around 24 degree celcius  and the mean maximum at around 30 degree  Celcius.  The mean relative humidity is around 80%. The rainfall  spread is 3200-3250mm. The rains are usually during the months from May to November every year. 

The land topography depends on the area selected , some areas are flat and others undulating. Proximity from the plantations to the port and airport is close , maximum is 30 minutes.

We can permit you/ your company to do this on our land .We have a team locally consisting of   experienced  and experts in agriculture and plantations.Based on your requirement from us we shall decide on a charge.

Natural cultivation / planting can be done as the soil is rich in organic matter , availability of biomass for vermi composting is widely available.

We can take up contract agriculture for short term crops given our present plantation establishment and set up. 

We can take up mono cropping and inter cropping with coconut and arecanut

We have the required land and can even do organic cultivation if the buyer so requires.

We have the required experienced technical team with to maintain and supervise and deliver quality produce.

TYPES OF CROPS                                  CROPS

1. Food crops Tuber Cassava Sweet patato Taro Yams Cereals Finger millet Maize Sorghum Legumes Cowpea Green gram Groundnut Soybeans Winged bean Fruit crops Banana Citrus Papaya Passion fruit Pineapple Pomegranate 2. Spices and condiments Arecanut Betal leaves Chillies Ginger Turmeric 3. Minor exports (cash) crops Black pepper Cacao Cinnamon Clove Coffee Nutmeg 4. Others *Pasture grass Sesame(oil seed)